On the fifth day of the men’s curling championships, the national teams of South Korea and the United States scored two victories. The first loss in the tournament was Canada, who continued to maintain their leading position in the group stage.

Photo session 12

Session 12 was one of the most one-sided sessions of this tournament. The first-born Swiss defeated the Danes 7-0. Representatives of the Scandinavian country could not put up an equal fight with their rival, or win one round. The match ended very quickly with Denmark surrendering after six finishes. The Koreans also won. It is true that their rivals from Italy scored the first point in the match, but at the next three ends the representatives of Asia collected 6 “points” and kept this advantage until the end of the match, winning 10: 5. We can watch a one-sided duel on an equal footing in the confrontation between the United States and Holland. The Europeans started the fight only in the first five rounds, but after the break, only the Americans scored points, winning 8-3. The most even match of this tournament was the duel between the hosts and Sweden. The match led point by point and the scoreboard was showing the score 5:5 before the final finish. The Swedes played the decisive match better, winning by two stones. The 5:7 defeat was Canada’s first loss in this tournament.

Photo session 13

On Wednesday’s second session, we had some very even matches. In the duel between Germany and Italy, the former won the opening round by two points, and the second also responded by two points in the next round. The Germans scored two points in the third game, and the Italians responded with two points at the end of the fourth. The success of the athletes from the Apennine Peninsula was determined by the sixth and eighth finish, scoring three points and winning the entire match in a ratio of 11:8. The Swiss started their confrontation with the United States well, leading halfway with a score of 3-2, but the last three finishes belonged to the Americans Only, who made up for the loss and won 7-4. The fate of the Norway-Finland match was not in the end. After nine finishes, the teams tied each other 4:4 and the final round decided the win. The Norwegians turned out to be a little better there, winning by one point and 5:4 in the entire match. The one-sided meeting in this session was the confrontation between the Scots and the Czechs. The islanders did not give our southern neighbors a chance by beating them 6-0.

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Photo session 14

And South Korea achieved its second victory in the last round of the fifth day of the championship. Despite losing the first two rounds, the representatives of Asia compensated for the loss to the Swedes and defeated them 7: 5. Outraged by the defeat “to zero” against the Scots, the Czechs raised the ceiling of the Dutch national team. They started scoring three points at the first end and in the fifth they won 6 points. The match lasted eight rounds and ended with our neighbors winning by 11:5. Canada is also back on the winning tracks. The team from North America dominated the meeting with Finland and won 8: 3. The Scandinavians gave up the match before the last round, knowing that they could not make up for the loss of 5 points. Curling fans who watched the match between Denmark and Germany were happy to feel the money well spent on tickets. The match was very tight, both teams scored well and after the base match time was over, the scoreboard was 7:7. Extra time was needed to determine the match. In the extra round, Germany turned out to be much better, winning three stones and the whole meeting 10:7.

Photo session 12

Switzerland – Denmark 7-0

Korea – Italy 10:5

United States – Netherlands 8: 3

Canada – Sweden 5:7

Photo session 13

Germany – Italy 8:11

Switzerland – USA 4: 7

Scotland – Czech Republic 6:0

Norway – Finland 5:4

Photo session 14

Sweden – Korea 5:7

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Czech Republic – Netherlands 11: 5

Finland – Canada 3: 8

Denmark – Germany 7:10