May 4, 2022 at 12:43 pm

Crytek Studio has announced the name of the Director of Crysis 4. It is Mattias Engström who directed, among others, Hitman 3 from 2021.

After the silence that followed Noticewhich – which Crysis 4 Emerging, Crytek studio has finally decided to give fans new news about the production of the long-awaited game.

Yesterday evening, the developers announced that Matthias Engstrom, formerly of IO Interactive, has joined their ranks.

Hitman manager reports on board

The studio announced the “transfer” of Engstrom via social media:

Crysis 4 shows the first cards;  Hitman 3 director joins the lineup - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter – Crytek

  • The Swedish developer has been appointed to serve as the lead manager for the upcoming chrissa 4.
  • Interest in the game will not be his top priority – Engström has, among other things, directed Hitman 3 From 2021, as well as work on level design for the previous two installments of the series.
  • The newly announced director also had an episode of his career at Ubisoft – he worked as a level designer in games far cry 3 if Assassin’s Creed: Revelation.

All hands on deck

With the announcement of Matthias Engstrom as a new director, studio Crytek has decided to send an appeal to all interested Job In the last installment of the series cry.

The list of vacancies is long – from technical director to designers level to artificial intelligence developers.

It looks like Crytek Studio still has a long way to go to finish the project, but we’re counting on more updates on the state of the work in the future. Hope it’s all good news.

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