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Cruz Beckham has a girlfriend. Britain is crazy about Bliss

Is this another rising star?

We have written many times that the British treat the Beckhams as a new aristocracy. Of course, this was met with your indignation. However, quite often you can find English headlines like “New Royals” referring to the Beckhams, so it’s no wonder that the British public is interested in everything to do with these famous aristocrats.

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The headlines this time around was 16-year-old Cruz Beckham, the youngest son of Victoria “Bush Spice” Beckham and David Beckham. The 16-year-old made his second half for the first time, 16-year-old Bliss Chapman. Who is the chosen one from the last Beckham?

Of course, it didn’t come from what’s called anywhere. Bliss Chapman is the daughter of former model and model Kate Moss Rosemary Ferguson and controversial plastic artist Jake Chapman. Rosemary has been seen with Victoria many times – their children probably know each other from an early age.

Although Bliss’s instagram profile is hidden and only available to close friends, there are actually plenty of fan pages and profiles dedicated to her on social media. There you can find photos from her childhood, concerts, festivals or events that she participated in. The newly cooked fan had to bother checking the internet and the profiles of her friends and family for her presence. However, it happened.

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Bliss Chapman is officially the hottest name in recent days. Of course, we expect an amazing career, even if her relationship with Cruz Beckham does not stand the test of time. You will definitely benefit from her 5 minutes. How do you think?

Cruz Beckham

Cruz Beckham

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