Fourth graders of primary school No. Jana Pawła II in Krotoszyn participated in creative activities. The goal was not only to have fun, but also to encourage reading.

Pupils in classes 4a and 4c participated in unusual classes. I went on an extraordinary magical journey. His purpose was to visit the Ambrose Clix Academy. Why is there right? Well, the book..Akademia Pan Kleksa’ by Jan Brzechwa is on the compulsory reading list for students in fourth grade.
However, teachers are well aware that, especially at this age, engaging classes appeal to students, not the books themselves. In order to know the meaning and meaning of universal values ​​in the life of every human being, they must be creative when devising activities.

This time, after splitting into groups and singing a welcome song, they had a lot of tasks to do. With five locations, their names: geography, clixography, spinning letters, colors and processing old equipment, they had to face the tests they faced. All this is still under time pressure. They only had 7 minutes per task. In the end, all the students were rewarded with… Freckles of course.

This is how the activities were carried out. This encouraged people to read this skill and develop it among the younger generation. Another skill, such as skilled teamwork, was also enhanced. But what is worth emphasizing is that the lesson itself only caused smiles of relief on the children’s faces. The reading presented in this way cannot be forgotten.


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