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Cromodora Wheels, the world’s leading producer of aluminum rims, which will soon build a factory in Kielce, where about 400 people will find employment, is currently being built in the Kielce Technology Park.

During the construction of the plant, the company will lease the space in the Recife KPT hall from Schwarz Technology Poland. An agreement on this matter has just been signed.

The resulting investment will be a magnet for many other investors, as well as an opportunity to establish a collaboration between innovative and tech startups that have been inhabiting KTP for years. I am very pleased that the many years of efforts by the City of Kielce and the Kielce Technology Park to economically revitalize the northern part of Kielce is gaining momentum – says Justina Lichusek, Director of KTP.

Schwarz Technology Poland is a subsidiary of a Swiss company that has been in operation for more than 60 years. The main objective of the company’s activity is to provide comprehensive welding services and assembly of precision elements made of ordinary steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The company leases space in the Recife lounge for a period of 4 years. Now he will be joined by Cromodora Wheels, which will build a factory that will produce aluminum rims at the intersection of Olszewskiego and Hubalczyki Streets. The lease of space in the KTP will allow the company to continuously monitor the progress of the investment, but also to establish business relations with other tenants of the KTP.

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Krzysztof Skowroński, CEO of Cromodor Wheels, is hoping by the end of August this year. A building permit will be obtained. On August 25, the owner of the company and a delegation from Italy will visit Kielce to present the company from the point of view of its investment plans. Construction of the plant will begin in the spring of 2022, and production is scheduled to begin in September 2023.

– The plant being built will be larger than the one in Italy and comparable to the second plant in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Up to 400 people will find work at the new location – says Krzysztof Skowroński and admits that Kielce was one of the first potential places to invest.

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