Crazy in front of the stage! Top Girls rocked the US! The Polish community is delighted![WIDEO]

It should have ended this way! Longing for their favorite tunes, the Polish community in Chicago had a weekend full of dancing! All thanks to the girls from the Top Girls group who have outdone themselves! “Madness under the stage!” – Describe the fans’ delight in the performance. How did you enjoy Bologna at the Top Girls party in Chicago? Watch the video below!

Chicago fans must have waited months or even years for this performance. Finally, we got to see our favorite girls on stage! The Top Girls band, made up of Justyna Lubas, Natalia Siemieniecka and Katarzyna Grabowska-Kupidura, visited their fans in the United States and made them remember this concert for a long time. Known girls for example from hit hits like “I’m Not” or “In Love” or “If You Want Me” have made the audience unruly. “Sztosik girls!” , “I made a frenzy in front of the stage!” , “you are amazing!” The audience is pleased with the writing performance. You can watch recordings from the concert below.

Who are the new Top Girls?

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