Government figures showed that 570 more deaths were reported within 28 days of testing positive for Coronavirus in England on Christmas Day.

Delegated states will not release data on deaths today due to holidays, so they are not included in the numbers.

However, they continue to publish data on cases – with 32,725 new confirmed infections recorded across the UK.

On Christmas Eve, UK registered The largest daily number of cases so far At 39237.

The amount of screenings has increased in the past week from around 400,000 per day to 500,000 per day, so this will be part of the increase in cases – but not all.

The average is seven days Covid-19 One case per 100,000 people is the highest since the start of the pandemic, although it is important once again to note that mass tests were not being conducted during the first peak in April and May.

In the week ending December 20, there were 344 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 people.

A large part of the increase in cases is due to southeast and eastern England, where there is a new and more transmissible case alternative From the virus it spreads.

Fears about the new dynasty resulted in millions being unable to visit their loved ones birthday Those who live in Level 4 areas are not allowed to mix with other families.

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Boris Johnson was forced to scrap plans to allow for a five-day relaxation of restrictions over the holiday period and move some areas to the highest level of measures as the effect of the rapidly spreading alternative became apparent.

More areas are placed at Level 4 per minute after midnight Boxing Day, while Scotland and Northern Ireland will impose new lockdowns on the same day.

Wales is also subject to strict restrictions that have been relaxed only on Christmas Day.