The government’s scientific advisers have warned that easing coronavirus restrictions over Christmas will increase infections “potentially significant.”

The Emergency Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE) said the prevalence of Covid-19 “It could easily double” during the holiday period with “great mixing” between people.

The warning comes in a document called “Notes on the Holiday Period,” written more than a week ago but first published on Friday.

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The newspaper says: “Any relaxation during the holidays will lead to an increase in infection transmission and an increase in the spread, and perhaps a large amount.”

“There can be similarities, albeit on a different scale, between the return of students in the fall and the intense mixing of people from different families during Christmas.”

SAGE says that “substantial contact between people over a short period of time, especially those who do not have regular contact within a month, pose a significant risk of widespread transmission.”

“The spread can easily double within a few days of the holiday season,” she adds.

Experts say there could be further increases as “newly infected people have returned to their” routine “networks.

The latest figures show one in 85 people in England were infected with the Coronavirus in the week through November 21.

Coronavirus rules will be relaxed during the holiday season across the UK while allowing people to celebrate in “Christmas Bubbles” of three families with their families.

Between December 23 and 27, people will be able to meet with two other families to form a Christmas bubble – but only in a private home, place of worship, or outdoor public spaces.

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SAGE says in its document that “household bubbles may be better than restricting communications to a specific number,” but adds that “loyalty to bubbles is crucial.”

The scholars advised that “families should be encouraged to gather in places where the least number of people share in the bedrooms, and there are more bathrooms.”

They also say that “the division of labor to clean the bathrooms” is “potentially important,” and that no more people at risk should be left home to clean.

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In an interview with Sky News earlier, Cabinet Secretary Robert Generic acknowledged that easing restrictions over Christmas is likely to “lead to a higher rate of infection”.

A system of three levels of restrictions will be introduced after the end of England’s second national lockdown on Wednesday.

Some 99% of the population of England It will fall under the toughest two levels, but Mr. Jinrik said that some parts of England could relax their restrictions before Christmas.

It was announced Friday that the UK’s coronavirus clone number – or R number – It decreased to between 0.9 and 1The United Kingdom recorded 16,022 cases of coronavirus and 521 related deaths.