Deathloop is reintroduced and Arkane Lyon finally showed the game exactly. The creators show two sides of the conflict, explain players’ tasks and the whole thing might turn out to be an interesting suggestion for Dishonored fans.

Play case yesterday We saw zwiastun dithloopNow, IGN’s editorial team has had the opportunity to present another piece of material from the game. This is an interesting proposition, because Dinga Bakaba makes production assumptions very precisely.

We’ve already learned that in Deathloop we will be competing with two players – one has to eliminate targets on the island, and the other’s mission is to prevent this mission from being completed. Now, however, we can see exactly how the missions will look and the game looks interesting.

While watching this show, I got the impression that Deathloop in some elements (fighting, skills) is similar to Dishonored. If the creators actually offer a similar experience, and actually extend it through online duels, then Arkane’s suggestion might turn out to be really interesting.

However, in the case of Deathloop, the different modes are not shown, but the developers still have a few months to render the IP accurately. What do you think of this title after the last shows?