A vaccine and the COVID-19 flight? why not! You can get vaccinated against Coronavirus without a queue. Just over 200 zlotys and … a ticket to San Marino. Republic – an enclave located in Italy from Monday May 17th, inaugurates ‘vaccine tourism’. For two doses of the vaccine, you have to pay 50 euros, or about 225 zlotys.

The authorities in one of the smallest countries in the world issued a regulation according to which, starting from the new week, if you book at least three nights in hotels twice over a period of 21 days, you can be vaccinated against Covid-19 disease. Reservations must be made one week in advance. There is another one “but” …

The package includes the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which is not vaccinated in Poland. We also confirm that the Russian vaccine has not been recognized by the European Medicines Agency and is not used in Italy.

The 50 euro two-dose vaccine is available to everyone except for Italian citizens, as San Marino has not reached an agreement with the government in Rome on this matter.

(Source: Fakt.pl, PAP)


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