Another 16 people have died from coronavirus in Wales and more than 1,000 new cases have been confirmed.

The latest statistics from Public Health Wales (PHW) on Sunday show that 1,004 people have tested positive for the virus in Wales in the past 24 hours.

A total of 79,540 people have tested positive in Wales since the outbreak began, while 2,539 people have died with the laboratory-confirmed coronavirus.

The infection rate across Wales as a whole now stands 211.3 Per 100,000 people on a seven-day basis through November 26. This is an increase from 200.3 on Saturday.

  • Deaths reported today: 16
  • Cases reported today: 1,004 (down from 1,445 on Saturday)
  • Number of checks performed: 14,400 (down from 16,798 on Saturday)
  • Total laboratory confirmed coronavirus deaths in Wales: 2,539

Torphine Wales continues to have the highest infection rate, with an average of seven days 453.4, Up from 430.8 on Saturday.

Plainau Joint It is the second highest 433.7, Up from 430.8 the day before, while the Newport He is the third with 336.2, Up from 321.3 yesterday.

The local authorities reporting the highest number of new cases on Saturday are Neath Port Talbot with 142, Swansea with 131, Cardiff with 88, Ronda Sinon Tough with 78, Caerville with 74 and Newport with 57.

Other areas with high new infection rates are Carmarthenshire with 46, Turphine with 43, Monmouthshire with 35, Bridgend with 34, Wrexham with 32, Plainau Joint with 31, Flenshire with 28, Merthyr Tydfil, Vale of Glamorgan with 25 each, and Seredige with 23.

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Local authorities with fewer than 20 cases include Powys with 19, Anglesey with 15, Pembrokeshire with 14, Conwy and Gwynedd each with 11 and Denbighshire with 10.

Number of cases per 100,000 in circulation 7 days (20-26 Nov)

Anurin Bevan University Health Board

Turphine: 453.4 (from 424.6)

Plainau Joint: 433.7 (height from 430.8)

Newport: 336.2 (from 321.3)

Curvelly: 276.7 (down from 277.2)

Monmouthshire: 182.9 (out of 162.8)

Betsy Cadwallader University Health Board

Wrexham: 163.3 (down from 164.8)

Flintshire: 99.9 (down from 101.2)

Anglesey: 80.0 (from 52.8)

Denbighshire: 72.1 (down from 84.6)

Joinid: 28.1 (up from 26.5)

Conwy: 19.6 (out of 17.9)

Cardiff University Health Board and Vail

Cardiff: 212.3 (from 196.2)

Glamorgan Valley: 161.7 (height from 155.7)

Cwm Taf Glamorgan University Health Board

Merthyr Tydfil: 305.0 (out of 283.5)

Ronda Sinon Taff: 303.0 (out of 275.6)

Bridgend: 193.1 (from 189.7)

Hywel University Health Board Dda

Carmarthenshire: 201.3 (down from 212.4)

Ceredigion: 170.6 (height from 167.8)

Pembrokeshire: 113.7 (up from 108.9)

Boise Health Teaching Board

Powys: 79.3 (up from 74.8)

Swansea Bay University Health Board

Neath Port Talbot: 327.3 (out of 275.6)

Swansea: 280.6 (of 259.8)

Wales total – 211.3 (increase from 200.3)

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It turns out that Wales is considering imposing restrictions similar to those in Level 3 in Scotland, under which bars and restaurants are prohibited from selling alcohol and must close by 6 pm.

Tighter rules will come into effect in Wales from next Friday as Mark Druckford said the nation needs “as much leverage as possible” to ease restrictions before Christmas.

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“We must now also use the coming weeks to limit the spread of the virus and create a further rise in the Christmas period,” said the Prime Minister in Wales. You can read What does that mean here.

It has already been announced that three families will be allowed to form a bubble during Christmas from December 23 to December 27. The rules are here.

Dr Jerry Shankar, Incident Director for the Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak at Public Health Wales said: “Public Health Wales welcomes the decision of the Government of Wales to impose restrictions on indoor spaces prior to Christmas, in order to reduce the chances of the virus spreading in our communities and to preserve Safety of people.

“We await details of Welsh Government’s deliberations on any further restrictions.

“We understand that people will want to go shopping at Christmas at this time of year. We suggest trying to visit the shops at off-peak times, to always maintain social distancing and wear a face covering if you can. Options like ‘click and collect’ or buy online Something to consider as well.

“The holiday period is important for people all over Wales who want to be with their loved ones during the holidays, especially after a very difficult year, but we would like to remind everyone that each of us must continue to take personal responsibility to limit the spread of the virus and protect our loved ones, especially if They were too weak or weak. For many, this would mean that Christmas could not be celebrated in the usual way.

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“Public Health Wales encourages everyone who lives, works, or studies at Merthyr Tydfil to attend the group testing service at the recreation center as soon as possible – even if they are not showing symptoms.

“Thanks to those who actually attended and took a test, as this will help us break the transmission chains in the area. However, for the exercise to be as successful as possible, we need to test as many people as possible in the area.”

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