Not a lot of organizations received this help, and the fact that out of ten companies that needed help, six of them received it is not a cause for complacency, because four companies either really died or are dying from a mistake on their part – said Wojciech Warsky of Team Europe on TVN24. He assessed that the government’s decisions to combat the epidemic were “driven by marketing.”

The complete despair of this situation lies in the fact that the actions of the public authorities during the past year have been dictated by only a small part, and certainly not in the dominant part, of the epidemiological situation and the direct interest of the economy, but more dictated by some marketing needs (…). Criteria for these defrosting were different, depending on the stage and the need for energy – said Wojciech Warsky.

“The government is engaged in marketing.”

According to the businessman, “Power and politicians have some miraculous properties, the inability to imagine how the economy works, how companies operate.”

– It is not as if we will announce on Friday that we close the economy on Saturday (economy – liberalized) and there will be no losses, it is not like that if the freezing of the economy is announced on Saturday afternoon or Sunday before noon, it will all start at 100 percent as of From Monday morning, he said.

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– This government proved to be in the business of marketing, it was just so amazing to me Confession of the former Senate President (Stanisław Karczewski – ed.), Who stated that 100,000 Poles after their return from Great Britain had not been tested because they were afraid of the marketing effect. The fact that we later had an epidemic in Warmia and Masuria and the British variant of the Coronavirus was brought there, somehow the politicians didn’t care much at the time – he made an assessment.

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The expert added that the authorities ’actions” were the result of what appeared at a certain moment in the government to someone. ”

So there were no rules or numbers based on it. How many meaningless decisions, to prevent entry into the woods, to close one type of business and open to another, for the sake of common sense, should be exactly the opposite. These rules did not exist and are still not in place, we are only moving in light of the numbers that determine the level of injury – he said.

He stressed that as an entrepreneur, he has to find bonus money by the end of each month, and “you have to know where to get the money, you need to make that money.”

‘A lame and insufficient solution’

But he added that it would be “dishonest” if he said that bailouts, especially at the start of the pandemic, had not rescued many companies.

– Financial Shield 2.0 is already based on PKD tokens, which are being added constantly, because it still turns out that some tokens have been forgotten, which is a solution, to put it mildly, limp, and far from adequate. After all, it is not the case that when a hotel closes, only the hotel incurs losses, and all the companies that have worked in it incur losses – according to his assessment.

A lot of institutions did not receive this assistance, and the fact that out of ten companies that needed help (…), six of them received assistance is not a reason for complacency, because four (red companies) either died or are dying without fault from Their side – he said attention.

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Wojciech Warsky also referred to announcements by government representatives, according to which restrictions related to the Coronavirus will be eased in May.

– This is a kind of speculation, it might be, maybe not, we don’t know. There is some hope of impregnating more and more Poles (…), but on the other hand, the economy is often devastating. He concluded that there are companies that have benefited from the epidemic, but that they cannot be a counterweight to those that no longer exist or will lose their reason for existence.

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