The exhibition has been closed due to coronavirus concerns

The Ashington Gallery has been closed due to concerns it poses a Covid-19 risk,

The exhibition, run by Amusements for Richardson, took place at Welfare Fields in Northumberland, and opened on Thursday 10 September.

The Nuremberg County Council contacted the organizers on Sunday (Sept.13), after concerns raised by police and locals that the numbers and the lack of social distancing among attendees posed a risk.

Northumbria police were called to the fair on Saturday night after news of a fight, and said they were concerned about the “large crowds” they found there.

On Sunday morning, the organizers agreed to suspend the exhibition after a visit by the council and police officers.

Kelly Angus, interim chief executive of Northumberland County Council, said: “We contacted the organizers of the show this morning, following concerns from police and the community about the public health risks due to the lack of measures to control the spread of the disease from COVID-19.

“The organizers took these concerns on board and agreed to voluntarily close the event today, which is a very positive step on their part.

We understand that some people will be disappointed that the fair has closed, however, the safety of the county and all of its residents must always be our top priority, and on this occasion we are pleased that Richardson’s Amusements have acted responsibly and they should be commended for their actions at this time.

“This approach was not due to a specific concern about someone with the infection, but because of the risks in general.

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“It is imperative that the county avoid unnecessary risks around the spread of COVID-19, and we look forward to welcoming Richardson back to the site for their annual theme parks that everyone can enjoy when it is safer to do so.”

Northumberland has seen 69 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the past seven days, compared to 85 in the whole of August.

Exhibition organizers submitted a risk assessment to Northumberland County Council that was in line with directives on social distancing, however, officers say these measures were not all adhered to.