The alternative Indian coronavirus outbreak is becoming a growing concern in the UK. It already dominates four local government units in England. The British are in the process of easing restrictions, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that if necessary, the government “will not hesitate” to take the measures recommended by the experts.

Variant B.1.617 was first detected in India in October 2020. Its spread may be the result of a record wave of infections in India, which has caused a health collapse in the country and a humanitarian crisis.

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In late April, the Indian surrogate was responsible for more than half of all new infections in four local government units in England, as reported in recent days. The most dangerous case is in Bolton and in Blackburn and Darwin in northwest England. Nationwide, the Indian substitute accounted for 6 percent of all infections at the end of April.

Johnson: We are not ruling out anything about the Indian coronavirus variant

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the situation regarding the spread of the Indian variant of the Coronavirus on Thursday.

At the moment, there is a very wide range of scientific opinions about what could have happened. We want to make sure that we are taking all the prudent and cautious steps that we can take. “Meetings are taking place today to look at exactly what we need to do,” Johnson said during a visit to County Durham in the northeast of England.

When asked if local restrictions are possible, the British prime minister replied that there are a number of things the government can do, including mass testing in these areas, and that he is not ruling anything out.

At the moment, I don’t see anything that would distract me from the idea that we would be able to move forward everywhere (eased – edited) on Monday and then on June 21 and Johnson stressed that there might be things we need to do locally And we wouldn’t hesitate to do so if that was the advice we received.

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Great Britain is coming out of lockdown

The third in four phases of the lockdown recovery are set to begin in England on Monday, and on June 21, restrictions imposed by the pandemic will be lifted completely.

On Thursday, an emergency meeting was held for SAGE, the Scientific Crisis Advisory Group, on the Indian variant of the coronavirus. Several of its members, who spoke to the media on Wednesday and Thursday, indicated that it is not known if the number of Indian infections has increased, and plans can be implemented to lift restrictions.

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