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Adam Barlow regained consciousness in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street And the , When he woke up, he received some shocking news.

Earlier in the episode, Daniel Osborne exchanged looks with him Sarah Barlow With increasing suspicion that she was the one who admitted Adam to the hospital.

Daniel confronted Sarah when he found an angry text message on Adam’s phone that Sarah had sent him on the night of the attack.


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Sarah explained, “I went home and was angry and was still angry when I wrote to him again but he ignored my texts, so I ignore him, and I do not know what happened and I did not go anywhere near the bistro.”

Daniel warned Sarah that the hospital would try to wake Adam up again, and he said that Adam would reveal who attacked him as soon as he woke up.

Sarah was also spotted sneaking into Underworld to delete an email from a factory computer. While this may be irrelevant, it did sound somewhat fishy.

Maria Windas crowns Green Street above Christmas Eve


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Elsewhere, Mariah suspected this Gary He could have been the one who tried to kill Adam, which is part of the reason she decided to file for divorce from Gary.

Mariah makes the decision when Rick’s daughter goes to see her – after his conversation with Maria, Gary goes to his store with a bag and takes his frustration on Santa Claus’s character and smashes it.

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Adam woke up early on Christmas Day. Daniel was at his bedside and assured him that the doctors had said he would recover well, before stating that the police were looking for the person who attacked him.

The mystery of Adam Barlow's attack on Coronation Street


Adam said, “I can tell you exactly who did this.”

Things are tightening for the suspects, but who tried to attack Adam?

Coronation Street Continues tomorrow on Christmas Day at 7 PM on ITV.

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