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The New Zealand The government issued a tour Pakistan The cricket team issued a “last warning” after six of the team tested positive for a rule violation during their isolation in Christchurch.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Health said Thursday that all 53 members of the traveling group, including players and staff, were tested upon arrival on November 24 and positive results from those tests.

New Zealand cricket He said in a statement that all players on the team had tested negative four times before leaving Lahore. Two of the six results were “historic” injuries while four were new ones. The New Zealand commission said they were informed that the band members may have violated their strict biosecurity protocols on the first day of their mandatory 14-day isolation.

As part of measures to prevent Covid-19 from entering the country, the team was not allowed to socialize, eat or train together outside of their little bubbles during isolation.

The Ministry of Health said: An ultimatum has been issued to the team as a whole. Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield added:

It is an honor to come to New Zealand to play sports, but in return, teams must adhere to the rules designed to keep Covid-19 out of our communities and keep our employees safe.

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The United kingdom The government is facing calls for the publication of scientific advice on relaxing the rules for Covid-19 birthday Amid warnings that an infected inmate could infect a third of those in a home gathering.

Under The rules revealed by the prime minister on Tuesday, Up to three families can form a five-day “bubble” over Christmas.

Paid Some scholars to speakHe warned that mixing will inevitably lead to an increase in infections with the advent of the new year, which will lead to deaths. Some said the government should have focused more on potential risks and control measures.

Now experts have called on the government to issue the advice the Scientific Advisory Group has provided for emergencies.

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