At this year’s climate conference in Glasgow, a plan was drawn up to coordinate the introduction of clean technologies on a global scale. objective? Cut costs. The United Kingdom, the United States and China have announced such measures, and they account for two-thirds of the global economy.

Green energy and transportation are key to combating the climate crisis. Costs will fall sharply as production increases, and this can be seen in the case of solar panels or LED lights, for example. Its costs have fallen by about 90% over the past decade. Work in this direction must be accelerated, the leaders of the Glasgow Climate Summit know.

As The Guardian says: “More than 40 countries have said they will adjust standards and coordinate investments to accelerate production and lead to a tipping point where green technologies are more affordable and accessible than alternatives to fossil fuels. At this point, the green transition and reductions in climate emissions are rapidly accelerating toward A net zero economy.

hack agendaThe plan to introduce clean technologies on a global scale was signed, among others, by the United Kingdom, the United States, China, India, the European Union and Australia. 25 global companies have committed to purchasing new clean technologies in sectors such as steel, automotive, shipping, aviation and concrete.

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