Talks about changes in teachers’ professional pragmatism – MEiN meeting as part of the Teachers Professional Status team with trade unions


Today, on December 7, in the building of the Ministry of Education and Science, another meeting of the Professional Center Team of Education Workers was held, devoted to the proposals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the field of professional pragmatism of teachers. The meeting was attended by Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik, Deputy Minister Marzyna Maciaczyk and Minister Bogna Janke from the Chancellor of the Republic of Poland.

– This is another round of talks on the proposed changes in the professional pragmatism of teachers in such areas as: the wage system, wage increases, as well as teachers’ working time, professional promotion, job evaluation and vacation – emphasized Minister Przemyslav Kazarnik. – We are all here to prepare the best solutions for the student and parents and with this student and parents in mind – in the next few or several years – we want to work on changes related to the professional situation of teachers – added the minister.

It is worth noting that during the October meeting of the team, representatives of the teachers’ unions requested that the next meeting be held separately, only with the trade unions.

At today’s team meeting, trade unions were represented by representatives of the pedagogical “Solidarity” of the Polish Teachers’ Union and the Trade Union Forum.

A team meeting with the local government party is planned for tomorrow December 8, which was agreed upon by representatives of trade unions and local government officials.

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