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The new movie, which directly questions church teachings about homosexuality, gets full support from controversial Jesuit Father James Martin SJ, author of the pro-gay book Building a Bridge, and The Father. Brian Massengel, active gay.

A Jesuit – editor-in-chief of America Magazine and advisor to the Vatican Department of Communications – posted an abusive picture of Our Lady of Chistuchua on his Twitter account a week ago, defending the right of the gay community to use this symbol, because, as he explains, it contains very few such icons. In his opinion, the colors of the rainbow were added to the Czstochowa icon with respect.

‘Wonderfully made’

The latest film “Exquisitely Made”, directed by Jewish director Yuval David, who is a homosexual “marries” another man, Catholic Mark McDermott, was appreciated by Father Martin. The film revolves around Catholic members belonging to sexual minorities who feel rejected and excluded from participating in their religion due to their sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Described as “a complete documentary that explores the challenges and aspirations of LGBTQ + Catholics,” it features interviews with Catholic LGBTQ + leaders, including Father Martin and Father. Messengel. David admitted that he interviewed the “heroic nun” Sister Jenin Gramick, who has served LGBTQ people since 1977. ”Co-founder of the Pseudo-Catholic Organization, the Ministry of New Roads received a warning in 1991 from the Vatican to stop working with homosexuals because it“ does not transmit With sincerity the clear and consistent teachings of the Catholic Church ”regarding“ the essential evil of homosexual acts and the objective disturbance of homosexuality ”.

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The Science of Homosexuality and Homosexuality

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Father Martin: Jesus used to go to gays

In the film, Father Martin reiterates his previous belief that “if Jesus lived today, in the flesh, on earth, he will first go to homosexuals.” As for Jesus, there is no difference between us and them. “There is only us.”

Father Martin, who believes that the requirement that bachelors live in a clean way is not binding on homosexuals, faced much criticism after January 19 of this year. He posted on his Twitter account a modified photo of the painting Lady Chestuchova, depicting Mary and her son with a rainbow-colored halo. A columnist signed the photo, stating: “The LGBT community has very few of these photos. No wonder they added their own symbol, rainbow, respectfully, to their beloved mother’s picture.”

A priest who many accuse him of preaching the so-called “How very appropriate is it to cry because her son suffers every time a gay person is persecuted” wrote a priest who many accuse. homogeneous.