Street. Mikołaja is one of the most appreciated and appreciated bands on the Polish folk scene. It was established more than thirty years ago. During this time, their composition, instruments, and musical style all changed. Only the high technical level has not changed. Over the next three decades of their work, they created more than a dozen albums. The variety of music, which they included in their later releases, shows a very broad artistic horizons behind the project. Their work also includes various sources of inspiration. This can be heard both in the songs themselves referring to the widely understood Polish traditions, including folk songs from the neighboring region of Lublin, Bodahel and Lesser Poland, as well as in compositions that refer to a broader stylistic spectrum, dominated by Hutsul and Lemko elements. . The diversity of their styles is also reflected in the wide range of sounds used; In their recordings we will hear a glare of sound colors, achieved on various instruments such as the cymbals, nyckelharpa, shepherd’s tubes, mandola, kubos, or dotar. In recent years, the St. Mikowag underwent an internal transformation. The band included guitarist Zbyszek Kowalczyk and drummer Jacek Warszawa. Each of them brought their own original style derived from folk music. Thanks to this, the new rhythm section gave a distinctive pulse to the new songs, where, in addition to the popular sound, there will be room for experiments with reggae and progressive rock. Music formulated in this way allows the receiver to read the message of the St. Nicholas as a phenomenon is rooted in a deep musical tradition, which at the same time gives a breath of subtlety and liveliness to the phenomenon of folk.

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Team composition:


Anna Kolodzig – violin, Nikelharpa, Mazanki, vocals;
Zbyszek Kowalczyk – bass guitar, vocals;
Jacek Warszawa – Drums
Bogdan Bracha – violin, flutes and shepherd’s cane, vocals;
Marcin Skrzybeck – cymbals, guitars, mandolins, bagpipes, vocals.

Street. Mikowaga, recorded 13 albums: “Mody i Kody” – CD 2016; “Drugi Party” – CD 2010; “Nowa Muzyka” – CD 2007 – a two-disc album, which consists of a CD “Nowa Muzyka” and CD “Stara Muzyka”, a selection of songs from 1994-2004; “Lem – agination” – CD 2007; “Huculskie Muzyki” – 2006 – Wirtualne Gęśle – Best Folk Album of 2006 in the Internet poll, 3rd place in the contest “Popular Sound Recording 2006”; “About Love in Raking Hay” – CD 2004; “One concert” – CD 2002; “A long time ago” – MC and CD 2000; “Kraina Bojnów” – MC and CD 1998, CD 2012 reissue – the popular 1998 audio recording; “Czas do Domu” – MC and CD 1997; “From the high field” – MC 1994; “Music of the Mountains” – MC 1992 and CD reissue 2006.


The band’s recordings have also been included in several collections, including: Pofolkuj się (2000), Dance yourself (2000), The Musical Journey To Poland, Bardentreffen 2004 (2004), Polska Rootz (2009), Folkowo (2010)

Street. Mikołaja has played more than 2,000 concerts in 17 European countries (Ireland, Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland) and in Malaysia at the Rainforest Festival. Other prestigious concerts include a concert at the “Colors of Ostrava” festival, a concert at the “Kraina Mrij” festival, a concert for “Santa Clauses and Friends” – Noc Kultury 2012, and a radio concert at Studio im. A. Osiecka – Pr III PR; The concert was broadcast on Radio Gdansk, Concert at the National Music Orchestra in Warsaw, Southend on Sea; Deventer and Haarlem, Moscow and Festival “Hollow Deserts”, Helsinki “Midsommar”, Muenster, Serpa in Portugal, Nagymaros a Duna in Hungary, Körro and Rörun in Sweden, performing six times at S1 Concert Studio im. W. Lutosławski on the second Polish radio programme, 11th Przystanek Woodstock; Prague, Bardentrefen – Nuremberg; Festival “Shishori” – Ukraine; Kishinev, Kiev, Falun in Sweden, Kaunas Lemko Cultural Festival “Watra” in Zdenia, Polish Song Festival in Opole, Sfinks Festival – Belgium; Student Song Festival in Krakow; “Jazz – Fair Festival”, the legendary concert “Vo Fu and Friends” in the quarries in Kazimierz Dolny, the EBU Folk Music Festival in Rudolstadt, the rock festival in Jarosin and many others.

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