Skoda cars are famous for their large space for the driver and passengers, as well as for transportation of various items.

The process of measuring the size of the stump requires a special procedure and consists of several steps. Technicians use special green cubes with dimensions of 20 x 10 x 5 cm and a volume of 1 liter to measure the volume of the trunk. Cubes are placed neatly next to each other. The activity is subject to the ISO3832 technical standard. Although it doesn’t seem complicated at first glance, it isn’t hard to make mistakes.

Technicians must follow several rules when determining boot capacity. For example, they cannot force dice. The instructions also specify how deep to lay the cubes depending on the version of the vehicle’s technical standard. It can be placed on the edge of the backrests of the rear seats, however, it should not exceed the height of the cover above the trunk.

Technicians are experienced with the measurement process and know how to get the most out of every type of space. As a result, they always managed to get a slightly better capacitance score than in a computer simulation. However, the effort to get additional liters into the box starts much earlier. Trunk size is determined by the vehicle design process. The space should not only meet practical requirements. The strength of the hull is also important.

The space under the trunk floor is also included in the measurement, and when the calculations are done with the rear seats folded down, the space underneath matters as well. The technical standard allows this, provided that this space is accessible after opening the door. Measuring with folded seats is a complicated task. For example, the front seats must be set to the correct position.

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Storage spaces in the rear of a vehicle, for example in the doors, also contribute to the overall volume as the seats fold down. All because the technical standard requires the largest size shoe size.