May 12, 2022, 15:11

author: Miriam “Mokosh” Moszczyńska

Fans of Batman: Arkham franchise are unhappy with the way the Gotham Knights look. The network is full of comparisons with Arkham Knight, which, according to the community, is still the best game in this universe.

The day before yesterday in the network Back Play Gotham KnightsWhich premieres on October 25th. Compared to what we saw a year ago, the quality of production graphics has improved significantly. This did not stop fans of the game from Batman: Arkham SeriesWho say unanimously that they are seven years old Arkham Knight still better.

Graphical comparison

A video has appeared on YouTube showing how the graphics have been revised Gotham Knights over the past year. In this short video, we can see how the quality of details has improved and the sharpness of the image has increased.

It is worth noting that the video version of the game will only be available on the latest generation of consoles, which is why it was possible to achieve this level of detail. However, fan opinions are divided – some are not completely convinced of the next generation graphics Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights? And there, Arkham Knight is better anyway

After viewing the game parts Gotham Knights A discussion on Twitter about how unhappy the game is coming in October (via dementia game).

This year’s title has been compared to the seven-year-old’s title multiple times Arkham KnightWhich fans think is the best part of the series. Until now.

Gotham Knights artwork compared to arkham knight batman illustration #1

Source: Twitter

Gotham Knights artwork compared to arkham knight batman illustration number 2

Source: Twitter

The combat system that was visible in the video shared on the network was also affected. Again, the counterargument was that v Arkham Knight it was better.

It should be noted that until the first show Gotham Knights There is still some time left, so WB Games Montreal studio may continue to improve its production.

However, if some players believe that the best is the best, then it was and will remain so Arkham Knight It will be difficult to convince these people to be the next generation’s spiritual heir to this series Batman: Arkham.