Most employers have no idea how to encourage us to return to the offices. The pandemic has changed our approach to work, and white-collar workers are finding they can switch to hybrid work or do their duties from home. They expect nothing in return for a return to steady work.

Cushman & Wakefield examined the incentives its customers use to persuade employees to work in stationery. One could argue about its attractiveness. Every fifth respondent (21%) announced a change management and media campaign, nearly twice (19%) changed office arrangement, every decile (11%) offered the possibility to use additional parking spaces, and the second (11%) set up an event One-time to increase attendance in the office.

According to Alexandra Tomasowska, Director of Human Resources at Cushman & Wakefield, the most important thing is to make employees aware of the benefits they will gain from coming to the office and creating a friendly space for them. The expert suggests that some companies invite you to joint breakfasts, while others organize projects in which the team engages in joint work. Another solution he recommends is to create a group of ambassadors to promote the chosen business model and help communicate with management.

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