The new tenant moved into the White House. This is a three-month-old German Shepherd dog, the Leader. This is not the end of the changes. A few years old major will leave Washington for a quieter environment. In January, the threshold of the presidential residence will be crossed by a cat.

President Joe Biden Introduce a new family member – the leader (leader), a German Shepherd puppy. And he posted on his Twitter account a photo and a short video of him throwing the ball on the four-legged and leading him to the White House. Earlier, CNN reporters noticed a new perky dog ​​on the White House lawn.

The dog was born on September 1 and arrived in Washington on Monday. Michael Larosa, a spokesman for the first lady, told Jill Biden that the leader previously lived with the president’s younger brother James and sister-in-law Sarah.

Commander, Joe Biden’s new

The presidential couple decided at the same time that after several incidents caused by another occupant of the White House, Major, the dog would live in a quieter environment with family friends.

First Lady Jill Biden’s office announced that a cat will also join the family in January.

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Eight paws in the White House

Two dogs moved into the White House after the election with the presidential couple: The hero I am the pioneer.

The three-year-old Major was brought back to Wilmington, Delaware, for training in March, after biting two people (one from the Secret Service and one from the National Park Service) in March, and he’s back in the White House. Officials explained that the dog got used to the new environment all the time. Now it seems that his permanent removal is doomed to failure.

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“After consulting with trainers, behavior specialists and veterinarians, the family decided to follow the collective advice of experts that it would be safer for the Pioneer to live in a quieter environment with family friends,” Larosa said in a statement. He denied that this was a reaction to any major event.

An old dog, loved by the family Champ, died in June at the age of 13.

Major and Champs brought back the long tradition of having the dog in the White House. The tradition was interrupted by Donald Trump. Joe Biden, in turn, is known for his love of German Shepherds. – I’ve had German Shepherds since I was a kid. I trained them and went to attend shows with them,” Biden recalled in an interview with ABC Television’s George Stephanopoulos in December 2008.

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Dogs of different breeds showed up at one of his election sites before the 2020 presidential election. “Let’s bring the dogs back to the White House,” Biden then pleaded.

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