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In the last column, Igor Zalosky refers to Mateusz Morawiecki. A columnist wrote in “SE”.

All this has to do with the situation in the East. And it’s not about the crisis on the Polish-Belarus border, which is likely to fade slowly and end in a shocking defeat for the regime. Lukashenka. It is about possible Russian aggression against Ukraine, which is a matter of great caliber. Warning messages come from Kiev itself, but what is really worrying are the reports of several intelligence services, including the American one, about the stationing of large Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. It looks scary.

It is in Poland’s interest to prevent this aggression, hence the measures MorawickiEuropean countries should stand in solidarity against Moscow, at least by threatening economic sanctions. However, while Canada has sent a squadron of fighters to Ukraine, and Britain has traditionally maintained a sharp course toward Russia, Germany is already too tied to Putin economically to act against him.

From a Central European perspective, what is happening now is critical. If the West allows it put it in To swallow up Belarus (which is already happening) and Ukraine (which can still be prevented), we will have to deal with a “betrayal to the West” similar to what happened in 1938 and 1939. The inevitable effect will be the intensification of Eurosceptic moods in Poland, the Czech Republic or Lithuania or Romania. Therefore, it is possible that not only Ukraine’s future is at stake, but the future of the European Union as well. But perhaps no one in the union is aware of this.

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