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Colors of Happiness, Episode 2604: Before she leaves for the United States, Iona will win Marek what she thinks. He will start a new life with Kępski apart from his stepfather – PHOTOS

In episode 2604 of “The Colors of Happiness”, Iona (Isabella Zwerzynska) will not go to the United States until he completes his affairs in Poland. It soon becomes clear that her high-profile friendship with Marek (Marcin Perchuk) is just a game of appearances, because when Berka tells him of her plans, he’ll go crazy! In episode 2604 of “Colors of Happiness” a huge scandal will happen between Pyrka and Złoty, and the woman will let her nerves down and finally release what she really thinks about her ex-partner. Marek will no longer owe her and it seems that he may prevent Iona from achieving her dreams.

“Colors of Happiness” Episode 2604 – Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 20.10 on TVP2

In episode 2604 “Colors of Happiness”, Iona gets used to living in the United States. Unfortunately, not everyone will be excited to get out. Relatives of Kępski (Jakub Sokołowski) will show their dissatisfaction with the fact that the man is going to the United States with Pryka. Thomass’ mother will react sharply to this news, as will Victor (Grzegorz Kestranek).

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Give me a break with this stuff. You took my liver, you paid me an apartment and a car and now you wash me again? – asked the angry teenager. – it’s not like that… – Kopsky will begin to explain himself. – how? I hardly know you and now you’re washing again – His son will expel him.

Unfortunately, Wiktor will not only have trouble, because Marek will also be surprised by his ex-partner’s plans. Let us remind you that Złoty himself wanted to part with Pyrka, who was counting on the courtship. The guy understood that he did not feel anything for her, and Iona had to recover from this profession. Then they are supposed to become friends, but soon it will turn out to be somewhat superficial, because when Marek hears about leaving, he will be very angry.

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– c.Hey, don’t you put it on a knife’s edge? It really is a huge career leap for me… – You will say, surprised by Złoty Pyrek’s bad reaction. – But for me, that means losing touch with my daughter! – Marek will accuse her, and she will overflow with the cup of bitter. “Family happiness was never your priority when you were cheating on me about our relationship!” – He will point out the mistakes of Yvonne’s past and it will become very annoying. – But I never neglected Violet… Don’t use such tricks! – Marek would be indignant. – Then don’t blow up my dreams and the chance of my life! – ata woman wants it.

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In episode 2604 of “The Colors of Happiness”, Iona will return home with a bad face, which Agata (Natalia Zambrzyka) will notice. Then tell how Marek got the news of your departure Agata asked. – He’s not happy, but he understands – Iona admits. – Honestly, I thought it would end in a fight – Patrick’s fiancée (Konrad Skolimowski) will say directly. – Me too. Listen and tell me, do you think I’m selfish? Berka will ask seriously, but Agata will deny it and will console her. But the truth is, talking to Marek will make Iona think, because she’s going to let go of some things from the past that she doesn’t like.

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