Clementina Wall, 35, TVP Kultura’s publisher is fighting for her life. Diagnosis: extensive tumor within the gastrointestinal tract, inoperable.

“Okay, I’ll write emotionally. Clementina Wall has cancer. She’s a very important person to me. We’ve known each other for a hundred years. Warm, affectionate, good. Let him not leave his son alone. Publicist David Wildstein.”


“I do not give up”

“The disease hit me like a bolt of the blue. I wasn’t ready for it….probably nobody is ready for it, especially in the age when life is gaining momentum! The first symptoms of my illness started a few months ago. My visits to the doctor have always given me good results the same hard answer Digestion Despite my diagnosis, treatment and an easy-to-digest diet, my condition worsened…the disease didn’t go away, on the contrary, it got worse. It was unbearable…then I was hospitalized for the first time two months ago.The day I heard the diagnosis cast a shadow over my plans and dreams about the future. Extensive cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, inoperable. Limited treatment options that sound as good as a sentence “- we read in the description of the group.

“I’m the mother of 7-year-old Zhao, I just got engaged and was planning a future with the men of my life… Ras Al Khaimah turned everything upside down. Doctors say they can’t help me anymore… But I didn’t give up. My family and friends were They are looking for clinics abroad, which will carry out surgical removal of a large tumor and further treatment, which gives me hope. It is likely that I will be accepted by the Heidelberg Clinic, which has agreed to perform a complex treatment that will cost at least 65,000 euros. I think I still have a chance in Life .. that my son will not lose his mother and his future wife’s fiancée. I’m afraid that when help is at hand, the only obstacle will be lack of money for treatment. Therefore, please do not leave me alone! I want to live, I have someone for him!” – emphasizes Klementyna Wohl.

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