Cold soup is the undisputed king of summer soup. One with the addition of mint and lemon is quick to prepare and perfectly refreshes on a hot day. Here’s an easy recipe for a holiday dinner. Have fun!

Meteorologists announced that temperatures would rise. And when it’s hot outside, we don’t want to stand by the pots. Besides, the appetite is not good either. However, a person must eat to provide himself with energy and ingredients to function properly. Therefore, on a hot day, it is recommended to use a cold cooler, because it is not only easy and quick to prepare, but also perfectly refreshes. There are many varieties of this soup – starting with the classic, that is, cold Lithuanian soup, and ending with:

Perhaps everyone will find something for themselves. However, this list is supplemented by another formula, such as cold soup with mint and lemon.

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You will prepare this cold soup in a few moments, and your tastebuds will remember the refreshing taste for a long time. Summer is the perfect time for culinary experiments in the “cold” version. So savor and enjoy the kitchen!

author:Dominica Chernyska

Main image source: Mechanico / Getty Images

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