According to New Economics analysis, the City of London Airport must be closed, apartments and a leisure center must be built in its place.

The NEF Analytical Center calls for the closure of London City Airport. According to experts from New Economics, the reasonableness of the presence of this airport in the heart of the capital is “easily questionable” and the main reason for this change is the opening of a new underground line in London. Elizabeth’s line “significantly enhanced communication [lotniska] Heathrow Airport in the entire capital. “Thus, London City Airport loses its importance as an “important transport hub for commercial customers traveling between European capitals”, according to the capital portal “MyLondonNews”. According to the research organization New Economics, the area is the airport, which has been in operation since 1987 (about half a million square meters). ), needs to be converted into a leisure center and residential area, which will be of much better service to both the city and the UK

What is the future of London City Airport?

According to the NEF and former London mayor candidate Sian Berry, such a move would create up to 16,000 additional jobs in the capital and the British economy would grow by £400m.

As we read in the British press, the new route provides a connection between Heathrow and Canary Wharf in just 39 minutes. Green party activists say the airport is causing “unspeakable health and environmental problems” for the residents. Newham is one of the areas worst affected by air pollution in the country.

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Blocks and an entertainment center instead of an airport?

In 2019, London City Airport carried about five million passengers before the pandemic, compared to 81 million at Heathrow and 47 million at Gatwick. In 2021, that number dropped to 720,000 passengers, compared to 19 million at Heathrow. In May 2022, the number of passengers who used the airport in the heart of the British capital exceeded one million.

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