Speeches have been delivered by 40 invited heads of state and international organizations since Thursday, April 22nd. During the discussion, the Polish president will speak on issues of economic growth and space creation Work Coupled with an ambitious climate policy.

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Włodzimierz appeals to Czarzasty to Andrzej Duda: Let you wake up and go to work!

Climate Summit. André Duda will speak. “For the United States, our part of Europe matters.”

André Duda, during his meeting with journalists on Thursday, said that he deals with the invitation to attend the summit as an affirmation of the role of our country and the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The fact that we were chosen from among these 40 countries to appear not only passively, but also actively during this summit, and thus also by having the opportunity to speak, shows that our part of Europe today is important to the United States of America, and we are in it. . Of course it is very important to me and it brings me a lot of satisfaction

The president said. He added that his presence at the summit is an obligation towards the three seas countries. In recent days, Duda held talks with several heads of state of the initiative (Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia). He said he wanted to speak on his behalf and on their behalf, about wglu.

We approach the implementation of climate goals in a similar way, because we have to overcome similar difficulties such as the issue of solving hard coal mining and the employees and families they support.

– Doda said, adding: – What can be done with these resources? You have to keep it and leave it there, because who knows what times will come in five, ten years or more.

He also noted that, in his opinion, “it is very important to keep gas as a transitory solution before we move to energy sources that do not allow the use of coal or hydrocarbons,” and that miners want “a decent job opportunity.” Capital“In other areas of the economy, if they can no longer work in the mines.

The president wants to “present the Polish view on the issue of climate protection” and draw attention to the importance of a fair transition, that is, to take into account the social and economic conditions of a particular region or country. Andrzej Duda will also present an emissions reduction plan Gas Green house. As he emphasized, “our country’s goal is first and foremost to balance emissions, and climate neutrality is another perspective.”

Let’s realize these are huge costs. If we are able to implement the European construction plan and will be able to obtain substantial funds from the European Union for this transformation goal (…), then let us hope that we will be able to do so as soon as possible.

– He said.

The president also spoke about the increasing role of renewable energy sources in Poland. As he indicated, by 2030, renewable energy in our country must account for more than 30 percent of the energy produced. At the European Council summit at the end of 2019, Poland did not commit to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Warsaw argues that it supports this goal at the EU level rather than at the national level.

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