During the two-day climate summit hosted in the United States over the course of two days, film materials made by Discovery, owner of TVN and TVN24, were broadcast.

President Joe Biden opened the two-day climate summit on Thursday and announced that the United States will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 52 percent by 2030. “The idea is to ensure a better future for everything,” he said.

Discovery, owner of TVN and TVN24, prepared and will precede the opening speech of the President of the United States.

Exploratory footage precedes Joe Biden’s opening speech at the Climate Summit Discovery

“We know what kind of world we want. A healthier, safer, sustainable and just world, where nature thrives, where societies are healthy and there are a lot of opportunities” – so starts one of the shots. “We know we can create such a world. The challenge is great and we have to move faster than ever before,” she said.

“The world is ready for action. We can reduce climate change by focusing on the uniqueness of a goal. A country is united and committed, ready to measure success with progress, not promises, to ensure that once the history of our era is written down the goals will be achieved.” – he wrote.

President Joe Biden said: “We can do it, we have to do it. And we will do it.” “Time to act” – this is how one of the film’s materials ends.

Discovery footage precedes Joe Biden’s closing speechDiscovery

The summit will be attended by leaders of 40 countries

The virtual summit is attended by leaders of 40 countries, including President Andrzej Duda, as well as heads of government or state from China, Russia, India, the Persian Gulf states, Europe and the United States’ Asian allies.

“I’m really excited about Joe Biden’s announcement of a game changer,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday, praising Biden for “bringing the United States back to the fore in the fight against climate change.” “It’s important for all of us to show that it’s not just an expensive and politically correct business about hugging green rabbits,” Johnson said. “It’s about economic growth and employment,” he added.

One of the materials for the Discovery film for the Climate Summit Discovery

Pope at the summit: a happy initiative

Pope Francis is also participating in the conference. In his message to the summit participants, he said: Nature is a gift “we have received and we must take care of it and protect it.”

He described the deliberations as a “happy initiative” and added that they include “all of humanity through its leaders.” He stressed that protecting the environment will be the biggest challenge after the epidemic. “It is not over yet, but we must look forward,” stressed Francesc.

Main Image Source: Discovery

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