Kader Kultury Conference, photo by A. Hordzig

The idea was simple. We all need a training program in culture that supports the professional development and professional qualification of cultural cadres, increases cultural, administrative, artistic, aesthetic and creative competencies as well as in the field of enhancing the activities of female employees in the cultural and creative field. sectors.

civilization.  Spaces of Inspiration 2021, photo by A.  Hordzigcivilization. Spaces of Inspiration 2021, photo by A. Hordzig

The “Culture. Spaces of Inspiration” project consists of two activities: an animation residency and a four-day event filled with lectures by experts, panel discussions and workshops. ARTzonie Cultural Center CK Norwid is invited, animators, social artists, and educators who deal with activities in the field of animation and art.

The accommodation format assumed the implementation of an original project at the meeting point of cultural education, social art and cultural animation. It was important that the ideas presented be of an intrusive, artistic, social, educational or research nature. They can combine these elements or meet only one of the listed criteria. However, it was desirable that it be carried out in Nowa Huta and be directed to the local community, and involved in the work.

Kader Kultury Conference, photo by A.  HordzigKader Kultury Conference, photo by A. Hordzig

In their activities, residents can also refer to the resources of the local community and diagnose its needs, which were implemented in 2020 by CK Norwid Cultural Center As part of the “Creations in the Culture Network” project, a diagnostic report is available on the OKN . website[¹]. The document outlines the environment in which the community center operates, without imposing any specific interpretations. It gives space for independent thinking – hearing many voices and choosing what is the most interesting of them.

Animation residency at ARTzon – says Bowie Ogrodzky [²]

Neighbors - rendering of a residential project photo by A. HordziejNeighbors – rendering of a residential project photo by A. Hordziej

Adam and Lucena, who came to us in ARTzona with Nikodem and Maks, responding to an invitation to a nearby photo studio, told us about their neighborhood: “We live in Krakow on Maria Dąbrowska. Our property is young. We moved here 4 years ago, all families live here who almost has young children, so we got to know each other quickly.Half of the Nicodim group in the kindergarten are kids from our backyard.Help yourself with the agenda – when someone leaves or forgets, we collect parcels from the parcel locker, and we borrow heatsinks at night … I actually released cars from cables on a nearly full-time basis—because I helped someone, someone moved them and so it spreads through word of mouth.”

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Animation residence 2021, photo by A.  HordzigAnimation residence 2021, photo by A. Hordzig

It is a story about good neighborliness, the basic fabric of life where people help each other on a daily basis. The neighborhood has shared and creative potential, although it can also be very stressful and controversial. I think these relationships are worth noting, examining, celebrating and enhancing. It is worth appreciating and supporting bond-building and trying to build new ones that transcend the barriers of weirdness.

For a few days at ARTzon, I ran a portrait studio in the neighborhood. “Bring a neighbor! You can also come alone and wait here for a neighbor!”- With this slogan, we invited the residents of Nowa Huta to participate in the project. The studio we set up on site, apart from the backdrop and lamps, consists of a few chairs and a small table covered with tablecloths. tea. Neighbors and neighbors can sit here and stay and feel good. The shooting was accompanied by conversations. I asked questions about the neighborhood, and also asked to think of something that could be brought home from this common meeting place and also a place to celebrate and foster neighborhood relationships.

Next door photo studio, photo by A.  HordzigNext door photo studio, photo by A. Hordzig

The project was concluded by inviting the participants to collect printouts of the photos taken and to attend an exhibition consisting of all the photos taken. In this way, the artifact, a relic of a meeting in a common neighborhood space, can walk around the house reminding us of the depicted account.

civilization. Ilham Spaces – Cadre Cultural Conference (30/09/2021 – 03/10/2021)

The highlight of the project was a four-day conference filled with lectures, classes, panel discussions, and workshops. It is an ideal opportunity to meet professionals in the field of culture management, marketing experts, practitioners in the field of cultural animation, as well as experts/specialists in public spaces. Soon, a catalog summarizing the event will be published, containing a collection of texts by people giving lectures, workshops and participating in panel discussions.
The pandemic has changed the world of work and has had a different impact on each of us.

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Workshops - Culture.  Spaces of Inspiration, photo by A.  HordzigWorkshops – Culture. Spaces of Inspiration, photo by A. Hordzig

Unexpectedly, and at a fairly rapid pace, the number of people working from home has increased dramatically. Employees who had not yet dealt with digital platforms were rushing to learn how and when to use them. Our availability is beginning to be determined by new technologies and always connected to the Internet – Sanita Libek-Goog writes in an article she wrote after the “Professional Development” workshop [w] [po] This is why it was so important that we meet steadily and talk together about important and current topics.

Workshops - Culture.  Spaces of Inspiration, photo by A.  HordzigWorkshops – Culture. Spaces of Inspiration, photo by A. Hordzig

The “Kultura. Spaces of Inspiration” is divided into four thematic groups throughout the day: management, communication, public space, and animation of culture. Introductory lectures from each of the four days can be found on the FB website dedicated to the activities of animators and animators. culture – Creations in the cultural network

The “Management” block – is dedicated to strengthening and expanding the competencies of cultural cadres in the field of entrepreneurship and management. Expert lectures, discussions and workshops were theoretical, methodological and practical. It focused on contemporary management problems in the cultural sector, including such important issues as: management in difficult and conflict situations, crisis management, diversity management, management ethics, process management – planning and use of working time.Culture.

Workshops - Culture.  Spaces of Inspiration, photo by A.  HordzigWorkshops – Culture. Spaces of Inspiration, photo by A. Hordzig

Block “Communication” – focuses on issues in the field of marketing, strengthening cultural institutions and organizations, building accurate messages. In this part, these experts/these experts answered questions about how to adjust the organization’s external communication and consciously and strategically build relationships between the cultural institution and the community at home In this part, we also talked about how to properly communicate cultural accessibility and presentation in a truly inclusive way.

The “Public Space” block – focuses on working in an accessible, inclusive, sympathetic, attentive and user friendly manner, but also on carrying out tasks outside the framework of the building/facility in which the cultural institution is located. We talked about the issue of inclusive design and accessibility of space culture for people with special needs, as well as about the issue of introducing changes to the public space.

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Workshops - Culture.  Inspiration Spaces 2021 Photograph by A.  HordzigWorkshops – Culture. Inspiration Spaces 2021 Photograph by A. Hordzig

Block “Animation of Culture” – is dedicated to increasing the cultural and creative competencies of the conference participants. During the classes, an attempt was made to discuss the topic of mindfulness, care and empathy in relations with the public and reflective activities in culture. Enduring relationships and trust between the cultural institution and the community.

instead of Abstracts Let’s quote the words of the conference participants

Participation in the “Culture. Spaces of Inspiration” event was a valuable professional experience. You have really been able to enhance my competencies in the field of communication. In my opinion, the invitation of Agata Etmanowicz as a speaker deserves special attention. Conducted a workshop on accessibility in an innovative, direct and accessible way. The ARTzony space has been charming from the start – the comfort standards of staying in a friendly facility are met to the highest degree, and the friendly organizing staff took care of each individual, down to the smallest detail. (Agnieszka)

“Culture. Spaces of Inspiration” was a very inspiring activity for me (as the title declared). It allowed me to meet people like myself, paraphrase Weronika Idzikowska, and move in the fog. Actions, working in clash with people’s needs and their willingness are my suggestions. Follow Favorite

* Culture project. Spaces of Inspiration 2021 was funded by the program of the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund – Cultural Education Program 2021 and the Krakow Municipality.

Organizer: CK Norwid Cultural Centre, os. Górali 5, 31-959 Kraków.

Beneficiaries: Kraków.pl, TVP 3 Kraków, Calendar of Nowohuckie Events, Kulturatka.pl, Głos Tygodnik Nowohucki.

[¹]https://okn.edu.pl/artzona/kreacje-w-sieci-kultury-raport-do-czytania-i-przemyslenia/ (Accessed: November 25, 2021).
[²]Pawe Ogrodzki – Part of the catalog summarizing the work “Culture. Spaces of Inspiration 2021”.