Paying from a bank account is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to send money. Conotoxia, Inc. – A company of the Conotoxia Holding group, which also includes – enriches its offer of available payment methods. It provides users with the option to pay via a bank account. Payments from more than 4,000 US banking institutions facilitate the rapid transfer of funds from the US to Europe.

In 2020, Conotoxia, Inc. Headquartered in Chicago, it has launched a money transfer service from the USA to Europe and is systematically working on expanding its services. Users can send online money transfers from 42 US states in 28 currencies. The novelty in the offer allows users from the United States to access easy, convenient and secure payments from more than 4000 banking institutions in the United States of America.

– Paying from a bank account is another payment method besides Visa and Mastercard credit cards offered by our money transfer service. Thanks to this function, customers can use fast and proven online payments directly from their bank accounts. This is another step towards the development of our global payment services – says Piotr Kiciński, Vice President of

The money transfer service in the United States is provided by Conotoxia, Inc.

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