Crazy Pianos is a club located in The Hague that can undoubtedly be called unique. Instead of a traditional DJ, guests can enjoy a red piano. However, this is not the restaurant’s only distinguishing feature. His interiors designed by Barcelona studio, El Equipo Creativo, are equally striking.

It all started with a change in the club’s commercial strategy, in which the owners decided to direct their offerings to more demanding clients from a wider age group, without losing the club’s original atmosphere. The investor’s expectations were clear: a crazy place and … an exciting place that stands out from the competition.

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Architects of the studio Creative team Present a project created with attention to the smallest detail, full of movie references and crazy little stories. As they emphasized, one of the goals of the project was to generate expertise and encourage interaction. This is not a project you should look at – you have to try it – emphasize the creators of the project.

Like in a movie set

The interiors of the club were designed as a cinematic sequence of a surrealist movie, gradually discovered after the threshold of the building was crossed. The central point of the functional arrangement of the space is two red pianos standing on a small podium, around which contrasting areas are clearly organized.

Each of these areas is designed as separate “landscapes”, reflecting the different moods of the night, some conducive to more social gatherings, others – creating an intimate atmosphere. So here we have Ticket Carrousel, Art Gallery and VIP Cages. Each of these areas is located on platforms that are slightly raised, allowing an unobstructed view of the theater. The space around the piano and the stage-designed ‘islands’ transform into a dance floor for dancing guests as the night goes on.

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The engineers designed two bars inside. Catwalk Bar takes the form of a platform on a platform, accessed via stairs on either side of it. On the other side of the room is the small and intimate Blow Bar, which leads to conversations in an intimate setting.

Color and surreal

The interior is decorated in intense colors. The walls are covered in organic-looking patterns, and colorful carpets cover the floors. Combined with colorful furniture, round platforms and objects with a surreal aesthetic, as well as pictures hanging on the walls and ceiling, the images are “modified” in a humorous way, creating a crazy arrangement just as the investors dreamed of.

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