China doesn’t just want Searching for resources on the moon or asteroids. The government also wants to contribute to the scientific research of the universe. After all, the Middle Kingdom is a very rich country and it should push forward human development.

The first and the pioneer The telescope will be called Xuntian His home will be the Chinese space station. The government plans to surpass the Hubble Space Telescope in its observing capacity. This is great news, because thanks to it we will be able to enjoy distant objects in visible light, that is, the way our eyes can see.

The Chinese space agency is proud that the telescope will be the size of a bus, and with a mirror diameter of only two meters, it will be Offered a field of view up to 350 times larger than Hubble’s field of view. The device has an anagrammatic structure with three mirrors. According to the CNSA, this will allow it to achieve amazing clarity and image quality.

There should be five research tools aboard the Xuntian. The main camera is for viewing the sky and four smaller cameras for monitoring individual objects. This means that the telescope will be able to study many celestial bodies simultaneously, such as Planets, comets, or asteroids.

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It is interesting that the Xuntian telescope monitors the abyss from the same orbit Chinese space station. The agency plans to connect the device to the space house from time to time in order to refuel and service the devices.

The Chinese want to avoid the problems they faced in the past Hubble Space Telescope, which ended up sending astronauts up to 750 kilometers above the Earth’s surface to repair it. The Chinese telescope is scheduled to become operational in 2023.