Xinjiang products have been removed from Sam’s Club, owned by retail giant Walmart. According to Metro US, the decision was announced, among others, users of the Chinese social network Weibo.

The Chinese are angry. Walmart rejects Xinjiang products

Weibo has released screenshots and videos showing the disappearance of Xinjiang products from the Sam’s Club website. The information collected by netizens appeared on several Chinese news websites.

Walmart’s management decision follows the law signed by Joe Biden on December 23. The President of the United States imposed a ban on the sale of imported products from Xinjiang – the province inhabited by the Muslim minority in China, and Its representatives are victims of persecution from the government.

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There are indications that the products exported from Xinjiang are the result of the forced labor of representatives of the persecuted minority. After announcing their difficult situation in the international arena, many companies decided to end their cooperation related to importing products from the Chinese province.

A spokesperson for the Central Discipline Oversight Commission spoke about the Walmart network’s management decision. Sam club was accused of boycotting Xinjiang products and irresponsible behavior that will have serious consequences for the network. The other party has not yet responded to the accusations.

Removal of all products without a valid reason has an ulterior motive, exposes stupidity and short-sightedness, and will certainly have negative consequences – a spokesperson for the Central Commission for Discipline Control (US Metro) confirmed.