The United States has banned imports of cotton and cotton products from China’s Xinjiang region, where Uyghurs are forced to work on cotton farms on farms. Some Chinese did not like the decision, especially as well-known brands joined the boycott.

The import ban includes raw cotton fibers, cotton clothing and textiles made from raw materials sourced from Xinjiang in western China. According to’s website, the restrictions also apply to products that are created in third countries thanks to raw materials imported from China.

The decision of the US authorities and others angered some Chinese businessmen. A hotel owner has decided not to accept guests wearing H&M, Nike or Adidas clothing. So the boycott are the brands criticizing China for placing Uyghurs in cotton production.

Nike, Adidas and H&M have expressed concern and suspended supplies of materials from Xinjiang.

A correspondent of the Polish Radio in Beijing documented and uploaded the reactions of a Chinese entrepreneur to the network. He hung a card on the glass, saying his facility would not serve people wearing clothes from a well-known chain of stores.

Thus, the hotel joined the province of western brands after they decided to abandon the Xinjiang cotton order.

The Chinese authorities do not hide the fact that human rights are violated in Xinjiang. Even though they face penalties, they respond to them themselves. Western brands that refuse to take advantage of people are also boycotted by popular Chinese politicians and showbiz.

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