As we have already written, Andrychów Tomasz ak . Mayor He did not abandon his intention to build a waste gasification plant in the city. The installation site will be below the city’s reclaimed landfill and will produce fuel for the new solar power plant.

Last month, representatives of the Italian branch visited Andrychów by WoodWhich is one of the leading companies in the construction of such facilities. – One of the factories, which uses technology that can be applied in our city, operates in Swindon, England. Many of these facilities have already been completed in the world. In Great Britain alone, five of them are being built, and six more are being designed. The originality of this technology lies in the fact that pure methane or hydrogen is produced from municipal waste. In the current situation, I think it is very important to look for alternative energy and environmental security in the city. – said Tomasz ak, Mayor of Andrychów during the last session of the City Council. As he added, the next step will be an audiovisual conference attended by factory representatives at Swindonwhere the details of the technology used in it will be displayed.

board member Krzysztof Kubic He inquired about the cost of building a new heating and power plant with the installation of waste gasification and what percentage of the population will provide them with heating. He also inquired about what the mayor expects from the sources of investment financing and what types of fuel will be used in it.

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Chancellor, if something is planned, you do not know all the details to ask. Therefore, information on technology, combustion method and costs will be made available for investment in a timely manner. You first submit a bid to implement the project, and then bid for construction costs Thomas Schack replied. He added that it was possible to obtain financing for the construction of a combined heat and power plant National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management up to 50 million PLN.

Answer this topic more specifically Deputy Mayor Mirosław Wasstel. As mentioned, the project submitted by the Andrychów municipality in 2020 to the Minister of Climate under the Just Energy Transition program has reached an estimated size 240 million PLN. – At the time we presented this project and hosted a conference with the participation of the Minister here, we did not yet have the exact technology and final product defined. Today, work on selecting the optimal technology for the city in relation to the energy crisis continues detail stage. It will be possible to estimate the specific cost of the investment after the technology that will be used in Andrychów in the future has been prepared and approved by the Ministry of Climate and the National Environmental Protection Fund. It is to explain.

He also added, when it comes to the fuel that will eventually be used in the new solar thermal plant, it will be natural gas first. – Ultimately, these designed devices will be powered by an alternative fuel, i.e. high methane synthesis gas, which will now be ensured by the technology selected in conjunction with European partners. – pointed out. Already this year, work will begin on the development of design documentation for this investment.

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