Some airport services lack staff. This relates particularly to security monitoring, border control and the police. There are simply no applicants to work at the airports. And if we find them, they still have to undergo training, which causes further delays, explains Ben Smith, head of Air France-KLM.

Jams are also forming at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports in Dublin, Stockholm and Brussels. “In Great Britain, the situation at the airports is currently the most difficult and there are no indications that it will improve in a short time, and the government of Boris Johnson is already preparing for possible strikes” – the daily wrote.

Due to problems at the airports, Lufthansa Group announced the cancellation of 1,300 flights by the end of August. These flights are mainly Friday, Saturday and Sunday flights from Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. Flights were also canceled by Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and Swiss.

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Dissatisfaction among airline crews is growing

Last Wednesday, crews for Ryanair, Volotei and easyJeta in Italy refused to work. Resentment is growing at Europe’s largest low-cost airline, Ryanair.

The staff demands, inter alia, free bottled water, because they have no place to fill their own containers and they have to pay €3 as passengers for a half-liter bottle. They also want 16 percent. Wage increases, which the employer categorically refuses – he wrote as well.

According to the newspaper, smaller European interchange airports such as Milan, Vienna, Lisbon and Warsaw are doing well so far. We read: “There are also delays there, but mainly because of the late arrival of migrants from the crowded Western European ports.”