The attack took place on Sunday. The company has no intention of paying the ransom. At the same time, hackers reported that they attacked three other companies in Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. Hackers have used ransomware to attack.

The actions of hackers have caused great difficulties in supplying fuel to stations in a part of the United States. Americans panicked. There were even fights at gas stations.

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Fuel prices in some places in the United States are as high as $ 3 a gallon (3.8 liters). According to Reuters, fuel is already a 60 percent shortage. Stations in the greater Atlanta area.

In the wake of the attack, President Joe Biden signed a regulation to support the government’s cybersecurity efforts and encourage improvements in digital security standards in the private sector.


The executive order outlines a series of initiatives to better provide federal agencies with the tools they need to fight hackers. Among other things, it requires software companies selling their products to the government to adhere to certain standards and report that they have not been hacked themselves.




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