When Great Britain left the European Union, the rules for granting a National Insurance Number (NIN) to foreigners changed. The new requirements present a certain obstacle for people who have not had time to apply for settlement of status or begin their work after December 2020. Check which rules apply.

A work permit is necessary to obtain a NIN in Great Britain

After Brexit, you need a British work permit to get a National Insurance Number:

  1. This can be a settled residence permit or a border worker permit for people who started working in the UK before December 2020.
  2. Work visa is required for people who did not work in the UK before 2021, for people employed by LTD companies.

Documents required to obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom

To obtain a work visa in Great Britain, you must submit an application with the relevant documents. These are among others:

  • Certification from the employer called “Certificate of Sponsorship”
  • Employment in an occupation eligible for a visa
  • Pay the visa fee (visa up to 3 years – £610, over 3 years £1,220, for EU citizens there is a £55 discount, there are also discounts for a visa for a shortage profession)
  • Proven knowledge of English in the form of a completed school in Great Britain at GCSE, A-level, SNQ level 4 or 5, study abroad in English or pass the Secure English Language Test (SELT).
  • Biometric passport

Help for companies and LTD managers of NIN

Are you an LTD manager and need help obtaining a visa or NIN? Contact our consultants: +48 12 44 66333

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