Rumors have simmered over the past 48 hours since Celtic lost more points in the title race and lost more behind their rivals in town.

Earlier today, we reported, Gordon Strachan, the chief journalist for Record Sport It was discovered for a possible transition period between the Lennon system and who would be next.

Now, an Irish journalist, Phil Mack claimed that the Celtic team had contacted three managers recently With the goal of taking over the reins. The investigative reporter claims that two of the candidates have requested digital team reports and club footage.

Phil named only one director in the article; Eddie Howe who is currently unemployed.

The journalist writes in his article that his comfort level talks about a vacancy that does not exist at the present time and we repeat this point.

While many may wish Neil Lennon to bow, we see the Celtic legend in what appears to be a low tide and is out of answers. If anything, Neil Lennon deserves our respect, even if you think his time is up.

As for the board, if they believe that if Dermot wants to go in another direction, they should definitely consider the options and have a plan in place for that type of situation.

We are awaiting the club’s decision but now Neil Lennon is preparing his team for a match against Sparta Prague.