Anita Atkinson has perhaps the world’s largest collection of royal legacies, so it’s no wonder she’s throwing a huge celebration in honor of the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

The 65-year-old expects about 200 people to show up on her farm in County Durham for a party on Sunday.

“I don’t remember how many people I invited,” she said. “It doesn’t matter because it’s a field and I told them to bring a picnic.”

Guests will be invited to participate in an array of activities including craft courses, assault courses, egg and spoon racing and ice hockey.

“Of course, I expect everyone to stand up for the national anthem, or they will be kicked out of the square,” she said with a laugh.

Enthusiastically bound Anita Atkinson is organizing a large outdoor event on her ranch in honor of the Queen’s platinum jubilee (Photo: Stephen Barry)

Ms Atkinson, who owns more than 12,500 royal memorabilia from the nine reigns and drives a Union Jack minivan, said celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee was “as important as breathing”.

“I’ve been waiting for this for 10 years. I had no doubt that it would be in the seventies. [year on the throne]”.

Before his garden party, he would spend Thursdays and Fridays giving speeches for the Queen at a makeshift cafe in Bishop Auckland. Cakes and cookies will be baked by adults with learning disabilities.

In Wales, festivities began early in the small town of Landelo.

Led by Rachel James, Principal of Business at Landilow Elementary School, and Principal Karen Townes, the students had a jubilee lunch on Friday.

This was after a trip to London earlier this week where choral students sang at the Royal Albert Hall.

Mrs. James said And the Kids wear party costumes and hand-decorated tiaras for the tea ceremony.

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Landelo Elementary School Principal Mrs. Towns, left, at her school’s Platinum Anniversary Dinner (Image: embeded)

“I think it makes the kids realize we’re part of Britain, and we have a story to celebrate,” said Mrs Townes, who wore the royal dress that day.

Mrs. James booked a camping trip to St Davids for her family to attend the festivities there, before attending the city street parties.

“On Sunday, I will meet my other family and have our own tea party where we make traditional cakes and cakes, hoping the weather will allow us to sit down and drink chinaware,” she said.

It’s not just the big fans in Great Britain that try to roast the King’s mark.

Data from ticketing and event platform, Eventbrite, revealed planning for celebrations in Abu Dhabi, Ghana, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Australia and the United States.

Jackie James, owner of The London Tea Room in St. Louis, Missouri, hosted an “old-fashioned British street party.”

Jackie James, owner of The London Tea Room in St. Louis, Missouri, organized an “old-fashioned British street party” (Photo: embeded)

Mrs James, who was born and raised in England, said: “We are blocking the street and will have live entertainment such as Scottish Dancers, English Dancers Morris and live music.

“To start our celebration, we will have a Scottish Walker make a special composition written by Stuart Lindell for the Queen for the event.”

Peter Bennington, president of the British Officers Club in Washington, D.C. and a retired Royal Navy officer, is set to celebrate a garden party for 60 guests at a Georgian-style house in Alexandria, Virginia.

Traditional sweets will be at the center of the dessert selection, and guests will have the chance to win prizes including Marmite.

Mr. Bennington said, “This is important because it is an example for everyone and a reminder of what service means.”

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The hosts of the American podcast Royally Obsessed, Rachel Bowie, 39, and Roberta Fiorito, 29, will watch the festivities in New York City.

Royally Obsessed podcast Co-hosts: Rachel Bowie (left) and Roberta Fiorito (right) (Image: Embedded)
Royally Obsessed podcast featuring Rachel Bowie (left) and Roberta Fiorito (right) (Image: Embedded)

“Of course we’re looking forward to the real weekend – the balcony family moment, the royal costumes and the Sussex reunion, very much,” Ms Bowie said.

Mrs. Bowie and Mrs. Fiorito will attend an event organized by the British Consulate in honor of Her Majesty at Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza on 4 June. It will be followed by a silent disco hosted by DJ Mark Ronson.

The party doesn’t end there.

The couple will host an intimate brunch with eight listeners on June 5 at a restaurant called Queensard in New York City.

They plan to “drink cocktails with the Queen’s face, remember the weekend’s events, play royal bingo and dress up to impress.”

Ms. Bowie said: “The Platinum Jubilee is so fun and exciting. Many of our American listeners went to the UK this week and have been on the job for a long time.”

She added: “Our listeners would like to thank the Queen for her continued leadership over seven decades. He’s the first British monarch to reach this point, so our Royal Obsession-obsessed viewers feel like they’re witnessing a moment in a history book. We can’t wait to raise our glass and toast.”