Make a gentle gesture and send your loved ones a New Year’s greeting card. New year wishes should be positive, fill you with optimism and hope. We usually wish our loved ones health, love, prosperity, happiness, joy, fulfillment of dreams, achievement of goals, or success in work. You can find cards to download in a specially prepared gallery. You can send it via SMS, Messenger, Facebook or WhatsApp. Celebrate the New Year 2021 together.

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In the upcoming new year, first of all, strength, because it depends on it how this year will look. Remember all the successes of the past 12 months so that you can repeat them and all the failures to avoid them. Happiness and health will not stop you either. Desire …

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Joanna Przitakevi:: I have a dream to spend New Year’s Eve in Switzerland, in the snow

Joanna Przetakevi revealed how you will spend New Years Eve this year. It is customary to go to Switzerland every year, although she and Rinke threw a party at their London home last year. – This year is exceptional, there will be big restrictions and everything depends on the quarantine regulations, but the initial plans are that we will go to St. Moritz skiing – she admitted. She added that she loves winter and snow. When she spent New Years Eve in Hawaii one day, she was disappointed. – Poor Christmas tree, dressed in clothes, in the open sky in full sun, what a clash of different atmospheres! She said I don’t like going to a sunny place at this time.


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