In response to a question from a journalist from the National Catholic Register about the Pope’s cooperation with the Council for Total Capitalism, the Cardinal said, ”

“This group wrote a letter to the Pope, inviting him to be their moral guide. The Pope delivered the letter to the Secretary of State, and asked this directorate to engage in the matter on behalf of the Holy Father. Engaging with the group“ global capitalism ”is only intended to fulfill its desires, which I believe were given Us as a kind of mandate. In this way, we partnered with this group, and provided them with moral guidance from a father. ”

When asked whether church representatives were talking about the need to build a social order on Christ, Cardinal Turkson replied:

“When we enter into a dialogue with such groups, it is not a matter of imposing religion on them; and when we convince religion, it takes the form of persuading the Church’s social doctrine, in which faith has already entered into dialogue with reason, the various natural sciences, and the basic common principles formulated human dignity, the good General, that’s it. The goal is not to provoke conversion to everyone, to make everyone believe. Rather, it is about our common humanity and how we can involve various institutions in promoting it. ”

NCR also asked whether the problem is not the atheistic nature of the group in favor of global capitalism.

“Yes, it may be a utopia; but for us it will not be a utopia if it is rooted in God. When the future is rooted in God or in grace, it cannot be a utopian dialogue. […] Our discourse is rooted in the grace of God with which we can improve and transform nature. This is a fundamental difference between our approach and their approach. ”

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The Council for Inclusive Capitalism is an initiative Lynn Forester de Rothschild and more than a hundred powerful global investors for “real regime change” in the economy.

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