August 31 was the deadline for submitting course studies. This is the first stage of a two-stage competition to develop a concept for the development of public space in the area of ​​Złota Street and Zgoda Street.

Up to 23 studies were submitted. Among them, the jury will select several works, the authors of which will be invited to the second stage of the competition. Participants will have until the second half of October to submit their projects.

The city wants to improve the quality of public spaces. The area covered by the competition will be transformed in such a way that it is accessible to persons with reduced mobility and cognition. More green spaces will appear in the area undergoing transformation in line with the concept of the new center, announced and implemented by President Rafai Trzaskowski – says Marlina Hbach, city engineer.

Prizes in the competition

The total prize pool in the competition is 150 thousand. zloty. The team that takes first place will receive 80,000 PLN and an invitation to negotiate from one source. The second prize is 40,000. Polish zlotys, and the third – 20 thousand. zloty. The prize pool is 10,000. zloty.

The jury consists of 13 people. The judges are, among others Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of the Capital Warsaw, and the Chairman is Marlena Hbach, City Architect, and Director of the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning. Many experts and representatives of municipal units sit in court.

New Warsaw Center

The architectural competition for the concept of developing Zlota and Zgoda Streets is, after the competition on Shmilna Street ended on June 11, the next stage of transforming the streets and squares in the center of the capital – into a friendly, aesthetic and green space. Reconstruction is underway at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska streets, as well as work on the Dmowskiego roundabout and the so-called Pięć Rogów Square at the intersection of Krucza, Bracka, Chmielna, Zgody and Szpitalna streets. Along the Mujahideen. New bike paths are being built on Marszałkowska Street and trees will arrive soon. It will be more convenient and safer for all road users, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. A reconstruction of the later sections of Marszałkowska is planned, and changes are also awaiting Trzech Krzyży Square, ul. Crucza and Al. Jerozolimsky.

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