April 1, 2022, 10:35

Capcom, on the wave of successes, is introducing changes in the way it manages. One is to increase employee salaries by 30%.

Japanese studio Capcom is doing very well. It’s not just the greats who prove it sales records Resident Evil Village And the Monster Hunter: Risebut also changes in the issue of employee wages. As mentioned by the portal Chronicle video gamesAs of April 1, employee salaries at Capcom’s Japanese subsidiaries will increase by 30%.

It’s a joke, but it’s not April Fools’ Day

This year it will probably already Fifth in a rowWhen the Japanese manufacturer achieves record profit, and ninth when revenue growth is recorded. With this in mind, the increases are understandable.

Higher payments aren’t the only novelty that Capcom is implementing. The company’s approach to communication between management and employees is also changing, as well as the system of calculating bonuses for payments. as We read in the official announcement:

In order to ensure stable growth in the medium and long term and strive to increase the value of the company, Capcom has developed the “Capcom Corporate Governance Guidelines” as the basic guidelines for corporate governance. The company is also working on continuous improvement of its corporate governance system.

Capcom will also improve the system for its employee performance appraisal and training. So the company might not be so bad after all (at least in Japan).

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Good games, good pay

Since you are on a topic related to finances, it is necessary to mention the sales results generated by the above-mentioned games. More information on this topic, as well as the best-selling Capcom games, You will find here.

  • Resident Evil Village 5.7 million copies were sold, of which 900 thousand were sold. It was sold in the last quarter of 2021.
  • On the other hand Monster Hunter: Risewhose sales figures include only the Nintendo Switch version, has sold 7 million copies.

Regardless of the blows they are undoubtedly Resident Evil Village And the Monster Hunter: RiseIt’s also worth noting that Capcom recently shared new information about next-gen ports for later games Resident Evil seriesWhich you will read more about here.