Capcom just finished the conference organized for E3 2021. The company put out its own IP address, so the event also included items from the Monster Hunter and Resident Evil series. How do you rate the offer? We invite you to participate in the survey.

Capcom at E3 – in the eyes of the editors of

Present: Capcom has earned so much fleet in Moster Hunter and Resident Evil that it can surpass E3. you passed. A show without any surprise, focused on a slew of detective games, Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary poop, and Monster Hunter, which we’ve all known before. I was hoping for some nice ending. Teaser Street Fighter 6, new material from Pragmata, naively dreamed of a new Dino Crisis or Onimusha. Even the logo, as it was with Metroid. In the end I got what I really don’t like – esports. biggest plus? Rate a very charming and energetic presenter who kept us awake full of enthusiasm. Conference was really redundant.

Rating: 2/6

miss you: Sad… Capcom showed up at E3, but you could say the company wasn’t here. Monster Hunter appears? We see the same ‘show’ literally every few weeks… A great Resident Evil commercial? Are you missing anything… Great Ace Lawyer Records? It is a pity to comment. Eh, I have no idea what the purpose of this conference is.

Rating: 1/6


Row: X/6


Row: X/6

Matthew: Watching Capcom today, I got the impression that all the publishers are hiding their heads in the sand after what the Xbox presented yesterday. Microsoft (and Bethesda of course) have swept everything off the board, and it would be hard for anyone to beat them during E3 – certainly not with their already released titles. Introducing RE Village’s new content was really embarrassing – can’t you really get over some of the details, even small ones, about this expansion? Eh, that’s a shame.

Rating: 1/6

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Capcom at E3 – Summary: