Capcom is another producer and publisher that wants to present its upcoming products to players during E3 2021. At this event, we will see the title from the Resident Evil series, Monster Hunter and The Great Ace Attorney, but can we count on surprises? Let’s find out together – we invite you to the show.

Capcom has achieved many successes, thanks to which the producer and publisher set record results. The Japanese have confirmed their arrival at E3 and we will be watching at least four matches during the event:

  • Great Ace Lawyer Records
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2
  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Resident Evil Village

Fans can count on new content for Monster Hunter Rise, online mode or perhaps DLC for the Resident Evil Village story, and more material from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Only one question remains – can we count on surprises? we hope that. As you know, Capcom has many powerful IP addresses, which will surely be warmly welcomed by many gamers. However, it is difficult to say whether the company is ready to offer more titles.

Will you watch the Capcom Show? We invite you to follow the event together. The conference is scheduled to start at 23:30.