Let us remember, during a service in the Polish Church in Calgary, The police wanted to ask the faithful to leave the service due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene.

In the video, the Rev. Artur Pavovsky, who is Paul, repeatedly told police to “leave this property immediately.” The officers are called “Nazis”, saying that “the Gestapo is not permitted to enter here.”

Police statement

“When visiting public spaces, homes, and private businesses, we continue to seek compliance with restrictions voluntarily wherever it makes sense. Most Calgary residents understand and cooperate. However, police are often required to attend such calls to help keep the peace between the two parties. Citizens and health inspectors,” We read in an official police announcement.

As the police indicated in the statement, the priest did not want to cooperate with the officers and raised his voice repeatedly, ordering them to leave. “The policemen left the building quietly, about a minute after they entered the building,” the police said in a press release.

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We also read in the statement that the officers did not succeed in taking any steps leading to the dissolution of the gathering. The police did not issue any fines, and no one was arrested.

Calgary Police say partner agencies will handle the imposition of penalties for breaking restrictions on the regulation of the pact.

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